I’m Shuten, I’m 23 in this life, though in reality, I’m much, much older. I go by she/her or they/them, as I’m skating the line between agender and female. I’m an eclectic pagan, mostly focused on Shinto and the earth itself. I’m new to astrology; I’m a Virgo sun, Virgo moon, Gemini rising. In other words, I’m an ISFP 8w7sx! I’m currently residing in rainy Greater Seattle, though my heart is still with Ooeyama, Ibukiyama, and the Hells. I’m also married to my oni soul mate!

My first love was writing. I have always felt this nonstop urge to tell stories, and once I learned how to write, I discovered that putting these stories on paper for everyone to be entertained by was my purpose in life. However, even being the storyteller I was, I was very lonely growing up and had a rough childhood. I knew from a very young age that I was…different. I had memories of languages, people, and places that seemed to no longer exist. I could see spirits, living and dead, and communicate with them at will. And all of these spirit friends called me by one of my astral names and nickname in a previous life, Shuten, or Ibuki. Eventually, I had figured out that I was indeed the owner of a soul of an oni, and with this confusion, lived among humans.

Oni can be summarized as a type of horned mountain-and-storm being (some refer to oni as a type of ogre, others, demons) that tend to be colorful, powerful, strong, and brutally honest. Oni, culturally, tend to be cast out by humans as being “different” and “unsavory” so even long before I realized this was what I was (and I had this pretty figured out by, say, seven), I felt that I could never be truly understood by people.

If you want further reading on my kind, I highly recommend Japanese Demon Lore: Oni from Ancient Times to the Present by Noriko T. Reider! It made so much of my soul, my purpose, everything that made me me make so much more sense, and it’s been the most meaningful book I’ve ever read.

Even aside from this spiritual, dare I say, dysphoria, I had been abused in just about every way possible, rejected for my sexual orientation (of course I had to be born a lesbian, too!), and ultimately thrown on the streets at eighteen. But luckily for me, that was where I blossomed…after a horribly abusive relationship, of course. I won’t go into grotesque details with all of that, but I will say that, in a way, I’m thankful for where this life has gotten me, because, despite the message that people taught me to be hateful, greedy, and violent, I learned to love, to share, and how to practice purposeful peace with myself, others, and nature.

And this brings us to today. Thanks to my fiancée (a fellow oni and my biggest life supporter), the local spirits, kami, and humans (especially Lady Librarian and Living With Kami for their endless patience and resources), I find myself in a good place where I’m ready to focus on my writing, my spiritual growth, and cultural/social awareness, which are the focuses of my blogs and social medias!

Readers and followers will find my writing journey as an aspiring novelist, my spiritual growth and knowledge, my thoughts on modern and historical writings, my discoveries with people through my job as a junior piercer, my life as a casual musician, as well as general advice and thoughts on the goth subculture, death positivity, and so much more!

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. I’ll see you in the posts!


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