[Extra Early Release] The Other Face of the Coin, Chapter 6: Don’t Call Me Susan

The Other Face of the Coin

“Aren’t you supposed to train me before I follow you back here?”

Undyne was a hard person to keep up with, especially under emergency, because her legs were so long and she moved so quickly, but I managed to keep up (albeit panting behind her). We had zoomed past a sign saying “Restricted Area” and a keycard before my heart started pounding in my ears, my blood telling me that I shouldn’t be back here.

I normally didn’t care where I should and shouldn’t be. If I cared, I wouldn’t have had a truancy officer. But something inside me felt…wrong, somehow. Like I was violating a space.

Like I was unwelcome.

But even beyond that, something in general felt off, too. During the drive Undyne and I had, there weren’t any pedestrians, not even kids on their way to school. I’d been to the police station enough times in my life that it wasn’t normally quiet, but aside from the eerie buzzing, it was almost radio silent.

Just what was this emergency?


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