Current WIPs for the Next Few Days

Hey guys! I’ve been feeling a bit emotionally shitty, so I took a few days to just play video games and go to the gym. To keep myself on track (and keep yall updated), I decided to make a list of what you Patrons will see next!

1. The Other Face of the Coin, Chapter 6! If you haven’t seen the updated version of Chapter 5, please check it out!

2. Patreon Poll Fic Results: Alphyne! Title will be The Pink Liquid. It’s gonna be pretty damn dark, so I hope you’re ready for it! This will be available for Blue Oni ($10+) tiers and up first!

3. Patreon Poll A Monster a Month Results: Tengu! This will be a post on oni/tengu relations in the past and present, so I hope y’all are looking forward to it!

4. Undertale Secret Santa! Yep, I’m participating this year!!!! I’ll stream my WIP if I can figure out how.

5. If I get any commissions, those will take top priority, so be sure to commission me things you want! I’ll be posting the next polls once these works are out!


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