[Extra Early Release] Getting Away With It, Chapter 4: Loneliness Makes Me Take a Stupid Offer


Getting Away With ItThe house was dark when I woke up.

I was confused, at first. I wasn’t in my tiny bedroom in my apartment with Catti. There was a TV on beside me, far enough away that my arm couldn’t reach, unlike my own room, and I was on a couch.

I groaned and held my head as I came to my senses. The fight. Arrest. Undyne’s house. Right.

My phone notification light was on, so I checked the messages.

“Hey punk! You were sleeping when I came back, but I wanted to tell you! It was a cat-person in a tree. Catty. Guess she said you’re her sister’s roommate. Thought you’d think that was funny!”

I snorted. I assumed it had something to do with Bratty, her neighbor. She was usually scaring her up trees.

“But anyway. Came back with some takeout. QC’s was serving breakfast still, so I got extras…

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