[Extra Early Release] Getting Away With It, Chapter 4: Loneliness Makes Me Take a Stupid Offer

Getting Away With It

The house was dark when I woke up.

I was confused, at first. I wasn’t in my tiny bedroom in my apartment with Catti. There was a TV on beside me, far enough away that my arm couldn’t reach, unlike my own room, and I was on a couch.

I groaned and held my head as I came to my senses. The fight. Arrest. Undyne’s house. Right.

My phone notification light was on, so I checked the messages.

“Hey punk! You were sleeping when I came back, but I wanted to tell you! It was a cat-person in a tree. Catty. Guess she said you’re her sister’s roommate. Thought you’d think that was funny!”

I snorted. I assumed it had something to do with Bratty, her neighbor. She was usually scaring her up trees.

“But anyway. Came back with some takeout. QC’s was serving breakfast still, so I got extras for you. They’re on the table.”

I checked with my phone light. Sure enough, there was a plate of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausage, with a fork and a napkin next to this.

How was this woman real? Literally no one had ever invited me over to their house when I was drunk, let me sleep on their couch while they were away, and then bring me food while I was sleeping!

“You can heat it up with the microwave in the kitchen. Just know it’s a little jank and sparks sometimes. Just unplug it and plug it back in and it should be okay. Anyway, my room is in the loft upstairs if you need anything! Have a good night! And please don’t try to leave until you feel better. I can give you a ride on my way to work in the morning.



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